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I am broadly working on aspects of Social Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The main aim of my research is to investigate and apply AI techniques to explore social behaviours, social relations, and communications. Most AI-driven systems consist of multiple decision-making entities, i.e., agents, who interact in a shared environment. These entities could be AI programs, smart sensors, or human users. When we design AI solutions, we need a deep understanding of how multiple agents should function in the shared environment, how they interact and communicate, and how behaviours of individual shape the collective outcome. My research revolves around the following directions:

1. Multi-agent Systems: We employ game theory and reinforcement learning to discover rewards or strategies of individuals, and how individuals' strategies impact others, thereby designing rules that elicit desirable behaviours and collective outcomes.

2. Social Networks and Graph Learning: Social network analysis studies the network topology of large and complex networks such as social ties among online users, and explores the structural features and dynamics of these network using game theory and representation learning technqiues.

3. Natural Language Processing: We employ neural-based natural language processing to extract semantic features of texts thereby enhancing understanding/generation of natural language texts for a range of application domains.

I am looking for capable project/thesis students who are interested in the topics above.

[5/9/2019] Our paper (Y. Liu, J. Liu, Z. Zhang, L. Zhu, A. Li) "REM: From Structural Entropy to Community Structure Deception" has been accepted at NeurIPS 2019.

[7/5/2019] Our paper (Q. Chen, H. Su, J. Liu, B. Yan, H. Zhao) "In Pursuit of Social Capital: Upgrading Social Circle Through Edge Rewiring" has been accepted as full paper at APWeb-WAIM 2019.

[15/2/2019] I have been invited as a special session speaker at the 16th Asian Logic Conference, Astana, Kazakhstan in June 2019.

[1/2/2019] Our papers (K. Song, B. Yan, J.Liu) "On the Maximization of Influence over an Unknown Social Network" and (S. Hu, H.-F. Leung, J. Liu) "To be Big Picture Thinker or Detail-Oriented? Utilizing Perceived Gist Information to Achieve Efficient Convention Emergence with Bilateralism and Multilateralism" have been accepted as short papers at AAMAS 2019.

[6/6/2018] Our papers (Y. Tang, W. Chen, Z. Zhang) "Establishing Connections in a Social Network: Radial versus Medial Centrality Indices" and (H. Wang, W. Chen) "A Search Optimization Method for Rule Learning in Board Games" have been accepted at PRICAI 2018.

[17/4/2018] Our paper (Y.Liu, J. Liu, B. Yan, Y. Cai) "From the Periphery to the Core: Information Brokerage in an Evolving Network" has been accepted at IJCAI-ECAI 2018.

Last update: 15/02/2019

Education and Work


I have taught the following courses at UoA:
COMPSCI767 Intelligent Software Agents
COMPSCI367/761 Artificial Intelligence
COMPSCI225 Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science
MATHS315 Mathematical Logic
SOFTENG250 Algorithms and Data Structures
SOFTENG211 Software Engineering Theory


PRIMA 2018, Tokyo, Japan, Workshop/Tutorial Co-Chair
AAMAS 2020, Auckland, New Zealand, Local Co-Chair
AAAI 2019, Hawaii, USA, PAKDD 2019, Macau, China, AAMAS 2019, Montreal, Canada, PRICAI 2019, Fiji, PC member


I am the BSc(Hon) Coordinator and 380/780 Project Coordinator for Computer Science.

PhD Students (Main Supervisor)

Anastasia Moskvina (AUT, Graduated December 2016)
Jaron Mar (Started August 2018)
Yang Chen (Started October 2018)
Yiping Liu (Started November 2019)
Yupan Wang (Started November 2019)
Song Yang (Started Decmeber 2019)
Personal Details  
Name: Jiamou Liu ( 刘佳谋 )
Position: Senior Lecturer
Office: Room 303S.487 Science building Extension
Work Phone: +64 9 923 9528
Work Fax: +64 9 3737 453 attn. Jiamou Liu
Postal Address:
School of Computer Science,
University of Auckland,
Private Bag 92019
Auckland, New Zealand
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