Dr Danielle Lottridge, PhD, R-DMT

Senior Lecturer, Computer Science

The University of Auckland

Danielle is a research-stream Senior Lecturer* in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She directs a research group out of the HCI lab at Auckland. Our research group is situated within human computer interaction. We focus on multitasking, supporting digital wellbeing and XR technologies for rehabilitation and outreach. Learn more about HCI @ Auckland.

Before starting at the University of Auckland, Danielle was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. She obtained a PhD in Human Factors Engineering from University of Toronto. Danielle also earned a Registration (M.A. equiv.) in Art/Dance/Movement Therapy which including a 5-month clinical internship at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto Division.

*A senior lecturer in the Bristish system is equivalent to associate professor in North American universities.


My research focuses on how our affect guides our interactions with digital technology including multitasking. My 2015 CHI publication on multitasking received an honourable mention award. I am interested in supporting digital wellbeing and health, with work in medical informations and XR for rehabilitation. Google scholar indicates my work has been cited over 1100 times and that my h-index is 18. The ACM digital library indicates that each of my articles are downloaded over a thousand times, with my total downloads over 26,000.


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Lottridge, D., Rosakranse, C., Oh, C., Westwood, S., Baldoni, K., Mann, A., and Nass, C. (2015) The Effects of Chronic Multitasking on Analytical Writing. In Proc of the 34th Annual SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems CHI 2015, 2967-2970. Horourable Mention Award

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Affective Interaction

Lottridge, D., Andalibi, N., Kim, J., and Kaye, J. (2019). "Giving a little 'ayyy, I feel ya' to someone's personal post": Performing Support on Social Media. Proc ACM: Human-Computer Interaction (PACMHCI). 3, CSCW.

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Technology for Rehabilitation and Embodied Practice

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Medical Informatics

Chong, C., Lottridge, D., Warren, J., and Dobson, R. (2021) Visual Design and Anthropomorphism in a Mobile Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Intervention. In Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Digital Health Institute Summit (AIDH). 92-98. IOS Press.

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Computing Education

Rogers, M., Yao, W., Luxton-Reilly, A., Leinonen, J., Lottridge, D., and Denny, P. (2021) Exploring Personalization of Gamification in an Introductory Programming Course. In Proc of the 52nd ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education SIGCSE 2021. 1121-1127.

Moore, G., Lottridge, D., and Smith, K. (2010) Designing Design Learning. In Proc. of the Design Research Society DRS 2010, 1-14.



Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction (2018-current)

Human Computer Interaction (2018-current)


Computing Education (2021)

An Introduction to Practical Computing (2019)

Principles of Computer Science (2018)

UX Research Bootcamp at Tumblr (2017)


Prospective Students

Danielle is actively recruiting Masters and PhD students. If interested, please contact her to discuss potential projects.


Associate Chair

ACM SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019, CHI2020) 2019, 2020

ACM Creativity and Cognition (C&C 2019, C&C2021) 2019, 2021

Organizing Committee

Posters and Demos chair for Hypertext 2010

Local Arrangements Committee member for the SIGIR conference 2003


Department of Computer Science

The University of Auckland

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